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I was searching for good 15 minute manifestation review videos and blog posts after I came across it on Clickbank. Yeah, you got me – I wanted to sell some sort of spiritual product. But I noticed that most of the reviews for this product were either fake, or just people telling what’s in it and they did NOT sound like they even used the product.

Watch my full review in this video on YouTube:

15 minute manifestation review from a real product user

So I figured, what the hell do I have to loose in trying it for myself? There’s a 100% money back guarantee so I figured I’d either make money using it, or I’d get my money back. Pretty simple deduction.

The downside, was that it takes 3 weeks to complete the entire program. So I took the 3 weeks and started listening to the first track on November 24th, 2019.

Here’s the super quick breakdown:

15 Minute Manifestation Review

  • it DOES work
  • it DOES take some minimal effort
  • I fell asleep during about half of the listening sessions
  • there are 3 different tracks
  • each track is a different combo of nature sounds and binaural beats
  • each track comes with a PDF prep reading (click here to get my free audio recordings for extra speed)
  • you should dedicate 15 minutes every day for 3 weeks to do this


Track #1: Your Natural State

Track #1 is the first week of the 15 minute manifestation program and the track sounds like jungle noises. They describe your “natural state” as being similar to when you’re first born. When you’re a newborn, you don’t have any preconceptions about what being rich is, or how to make money, etc. Essentially, by meditating during the 15 minute track, it helps reset our subconscious mind and get us back to our truth which is abundance.

Track #2: Your New Story

You start listening to track 2 on the second week and it sounds like you’re on a Hawaiian beach at night – waves crashing on rocks, but no other nature sounds. It’s also mixed with a binaural beat. This is supposed to be when we discard any negative thoughts about our own abundance. So for example, if you think rich people are jerks, you take that thought and throw it in the trash which flies off into the distance.

Track #3: Moving Towards Abundance

The final and 3rd week of the program sounds like one of the typical abundance meditations you find on YouTube with chimes, wisps and binaural beats in the background. This is when you’re supposed to imagine your life with all the stuff you want. You picture the feeling of it, what it looks like, what it feels like to touch, sounds like, etc.

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My Daily Journal:

Day 1: track 1 – listened in a standard, sitting meditation position. It was difficult to remain still for the full 15-min. I thought of many business ideas during this time and my marriage.

Day 3: track 1 – listened sitting on couch, feet flat on the floor, head resting on back of the couch and headphones – drifted in and out of awareness.

Day 5: track 1 – same as day 3 except also had tingling feeling on my scalp about half way through

Day 7: track 1 – same as day 3. But also noticed today that I have randomly come into some money. $650 from the private product sales and another $500 from the Amazon product sales.

Day 8: track 2 – sat on couch, feet flat on the ground, first thing in the morning. Was restless at the beginning, but near the end was able to visualize my positive new life and throw one or two negatives into the trash bin. Did not drift.

Day 9: track 2 – only drifted slightly at the very end of the audio, even though I did it near bed time. Made $305 from selling Tesla stocks (automatic sell order app)

Day 10: track 2 – was sitting on the edge of the bed with back straight and feet 2inch off the ground… upper back began to hurt 5-10 min in and felt like bugs crawling on me until near the end when I seemed to go into a trance and forgot I was listening to the sounds until the sounds faded away. Then I came out of the trance.


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