Meditation Script For Gratitude

We will tap into the power of the subconscious when we use this meditation script for gratitude. In fact, there are several scripts or phrases that you can use to express your gratitude:

Acceptance Mediation Script For Gratitude

How does it get any better than this?

Focusing on the situation, person, or items that you are grateful for, ask the universe: “how does it get any better than this?” Pay attention to how good you feel when you think about these things you’re grateful for.

Not only can you use this phrase during silent meditation, you can use it throughout your day when you perceive that something positive has happened for you. The phrase imprints into your subconscious to tell the universe that these things are acceptable to you and in your highest good.

Meditation Script For Gratitude

Remove Limits From What You Can Receive

What else can I invite into my life?

Gratitude can come in many different forms, and that’s not just by saying “Thank You”. Let your meditation script for gratitude include asking for more. Of course, we are grateful for what we have and how can we invite more awesomeness into our lives?

That’s when this phrase helps us to subconsciously ask the universe for more of what we like. If something is going right, why not get more of it? Or can we receive good things in another form? Use this phrase to invite positive things into your life that you’ve never even dreamed or imagined were possible before.

No Judgement

Lastly, do not judge what comes and what does not come. Judgement is never productive.

Every single time that you’re looking at yourself and judging yourself, take a step back, don’t judge yourself and ask:

  • What’s right about me that I’m not getting?
  • What’s right about this situation that I’m not getting?
  • Through who’s eyes am I looking at myself right now?
  • If I was really being me, what would I choose?


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